AI and Data Science in Multi-Omics for Human Health

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Biomedical AI and data science approaches applied to data from multi-omics, the electronic health record, patient-generated sources, and biomedical imaging have enabled remarkable advances toward biomarker discovery, health care delivery, preventing diseases, medical decision-making, diagnosis, therapy, understanding of patients from molecular to population levels, and ultimately population health. Next-generation machine learning and approaches including Bayesian and diffusion models, transformers, and generative pre-trained algorithms have increasingly been applied to tackle and address critical human diseases and health challenges. These approaches in biomedical AI and data science are opening several opportunities and challenges of which there are unmet needs to discuss, dissect progress, and enhance interdisciplinary networks in order to advance the field.
The two-day event brings together researchers and professionals who leverage AI and data science in biomedical, omics, clinical, bio-industries, and computer sciences sectors to discuss and dissect advances made in the field. The events will cover a variety of topics ranging from methodological and theory to the application of AI and data science in biomedical, multi-omics, clinical as well and industrial applications.
Period27 Jul 202328 Jul 2023
Event typeWorkshop
LocationNewcastle upon Tyne, United KingdomShow on map
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