• Laing, R. (Participant)
  • David Gray (Participant)
  • Ditte Bendix Lanng (Participant)

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Developments in automated road transport have the potential to help create more efficient cities and regions: where fewer, more environmentally-friendly vehicles move just as many people and goods because they use available capacities, space and energy more efficiently. This is a vision of cities with fewer vehicles cluttering the roads, mobile citizens of all ages and ability in rural and urban areas and efficient freight transport. However, there is also a risk of unrealistic expectations associated with such technological developments, increased traffic volume, cyber-security threats and acceptance problems among the public.

The overall objective of ART-Forum is

Raise awareness among public stakeholders
Develop policy recommendations that enable local and regional authorities to take advantage of the opportunities of automated road transport
Support sustainable transport and territorial development goals as well as improve quality of life in communities
Held atRobert Gordon University, United Kingdom