BXNU Symposium: In Need of Education

  • Judy Thomas (Participant)

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Addressing a Cultural Deficit
This presentation considers the challenges of embedding cultural learning experiences in schools and identifies a deficit in teacher confidence for many primary school teachers; using recent case studies it reflects on how this crucially impacts on pupil experience and the wider picture. It asks questions of how can schools, universities and galleries work together to address this deficit.

Confidence is declining…
Connectors are required!
Galleries can make a big impact.

My recent experiences of evaluating Create Aspire Transform (CAT) The North Northumberland Schools Cultural Education Leadership Programme along with work on the MA Contemporary Arts and Education has strengthened my longstanding belief that teachers are changing and we need to work hard with them to restore confidence and create spaces to nurture and inspire their creativity. Teachers should be supported to understand the bigger picture and positive impact of cultural learning – if we do not champion this – who will?

I strongly believe:

Teachers are empowered through creative cultural learning;

Creative cultural learning makes a positive impact on pupils;

Teacher perception of what ‘art’ can be can develop;

Understanding of creativity needs constant challenging;

The sharing of skills is not just about new practical techniques and specific forms;

Involvement of school leadership is crucial;

Cross-curricular links present further opportunities and are key to whole school engagement;

Planning time is vital;

Having enough time to appoint appropriate artist practitioners is important;

Improved confidence and skills (for pupils and teachers) can result through creative cultural learning and engagement;

The role of the facilitator needs further understanding and recognition;

A lot can be achieved in a short amount of time!
Period2 Nov 2018
Event typeConference