Future Materials within Growing Home: A New World of Materials Exhibition (Edinburgh Science Festival 2024)

  • Sherry, A. (Participant)
  • Beatriz Delgado Corrales (Participant)
  • Paula Nerlich (Participant)
  • Romy Kaiser (Participant)
  • Armand Agraviador (Participant)
  • Oliver Perry (Participant)
  • Zhang, M. (Participant)
  • Gilmour, K. (Participant)
  • Jane Scott (Participant)
  • Magdalini Theodoridou (Participant)
  • Derrick Mwebaza (Participant)
  • Aileen Hoenerloh (Participant)

Activity: Other


Materials Library
The OME, a unique experimental living house created especially for testing new and emerging technologies, is where researchers from the Hub for Biotechnology in the Built Environment (HBBE), Northumbria University & Newcastle University, have created a materials library, BioMateriOME. The library contains a display of novel biomaterials, materials created from living things such as plants, fungi or bacteria (some of which are on display here), that researchers within the HBBE created by exploring new and innovative ways materials could be made. The library encourages public interaction and participation whilst also aiming to shed light on the invisible microbial world  used to create and inhabit the bio-fabricated materials. BioMateriOME was led by Dr Angela Sherry, HBBE, Northumbria University with a team of researchers in biosciences, architecture and design to help collate new materials and biotechnologies essential to support more sustainable modes of living. Biomaterial contributions from HBBE researchers/designers to the Growing Home exhibition included self-healing bricks, water-resistant tiles made from human hair, bacterial cellulose textiles, mycelium-wool prototypes (bioknit), and fungal mycelium 'leather'.
Period30 Mar 202414 Apr 2024
Event titleExhibition as part of Growing Home: A New World of Materials at Edinburgh Science Festival 2024
Event typeExhibition
LocationEdinburgh, United KingdomShow on map
Degree of RecognitionNational