Locking down the Fashion Sector?

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Chairing conference panel: 'Creative revisions / innovations to fashion media, events and markets' 

Panel speakers:

Catherine Greenwood – UCLAN - What Impact Does Instagram Have on The Way In Which British Female Millennials Fashion And Validate Their Social Identity And Social Status Through The Use Of Instagram As A Fashion Editorial?


Steve Walls – Lecturer, MCH, Newcastle University – Promotional strategies through lockdown – evaluating socially distanced events throughout a global pandemic.

Conference Theme: Locking down the Fashion Sector
Conference call: "Alongside many industries the fashion sector has faced extremely challenging and difficult circumstances as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. In light of various ‘lockdown’ measures in the UK and Internationally, the various interconnected spheres of the fashion industry have been forced to adapt, ‘pivot’ and evolve at lightning speed. Many ‘traditional’ practices across fields of production, promotion and consumption have been disrupted, problematised and digitised. These shifts and adaptations have posed challenges both to individual, cultural, organisational and commercial activities/enterprise. However, much of this ‘migration’ or change can also be seen as an inevitable or forcible ‘evolution’ of pre-existing strategies being adopted prior to Covid-19 (sustainable/ethical production/consumption, the ‘slow’ movement, ‘m-commerce’, ‘e-tail’ and influencer marketing etc). The conference provides a critical, creative and interdisciplinary discussion space for academics, researchers and industry professionals to explore, examine and evaluate the agility, innovation, practicality and longevity of ‘flexible’ and ‘covid-evolved’ fashion processes across industry contexts (design, production, promotion, retail & consumption).

The conference is committed to highlighting the work of individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Preference will be given to panels that reflect this commitment to diversity and inclusion."

Source: <https://conferences.ncl.ac.uk/fashionlockdown>
Period21 Apr 2021
Event typeConference
LocationNewcastle upon Tyne, United KingdomShow on map
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