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I have acted as an examiner to many research degrees, which I have always found to be educational and a privilege.

Emma Jane Mantle (2007) An evaluation of 3D building modelling and visualisation packages for enhancing public participation within the planning process, PhD, University of Glamorgan.
Nadezda Brkljac (2009) Depicting design through architectural representations: an investigation of the pereceived credibility of architectural representations, PhD, University of the West of England.
Sas Mihindu (2010) Holistic model for knowledge collaboration in scientific communities of practice, PhD, University of Salford.
Fiona Wood (2011) Outdoor space and education, PhD, University of Dundee.
John Isaacs (2011) Development of a decision support tool for sustainable urban design, PhD, University of Abertay.
Joske Houtkamp (2012) Affective appraisal of virtual environments, PhD, Utrecht University.
Gavin Jenkins (2012) Effects of multisensory environments on blind and visually impaired people’s experience of public spaces, PhD, University of the West of England.
Martin Podevyn (2012) Developing an Organisational Framework for Sustaining Virtual City Models, PhD, University of Northumbria.
Taoufik Bouachera (2012) Whole life costing optimisation with integrated logistics support optimisation, PhD, Robert Gordon University
Benjamin Spencer (2013) Playful public places for later life: how can neighbourhood public open space provide opportunities for improving older people’s quality of life by enabling play?, PhD, University of the West of England.
Robina Hetherington (2013) The integration of architectural design and energy modelling software, PhD, The Open University.
Fariba Sotoudehnia (2013) A spatial and social analysis of green space access: a mixed-method approach for analysing variations in access perceptions, PhD, University of Leicester.
Kay Rogage (2013) The Development and Evaluation of a Virtual Simulation Tool for Testing Emergency Response Planning Strategies within the UK Gas Industry, PhD, University of Northumbria
Sim Nee Ting (2013) Use of a construction procurement framework incorporating form enhancement modules for the selection of standard form of contract in Malaysia, PhD, Curtin University.
Aseel Al Khalaf (2014) The production of new affordable housing in the Syrian cities: the possible role of procurement processes in improving construction efficiency, PhD, Heriot-Watt University
Omayma Hashim Motaleb (2014) Development of a risk response model to handle delays of construction projects in the United Arab Emirates, PhD, Robert Gordon University
Leuserina Garniati (2014) Indigenous capability building as an intervention strategy for sustainable energy implementation in vulnerable societies, PhD, Robert Gordon University
Matthew Bacon (2014) Low energy - low carbon acute hospital engineering design and operation in the UK: an analysis of the impact of in-use, PhD, University of Salford
Bader Al-harethi (2015) Risk management in fast track projects, PhD, University of Wolverhampton
Sami Alazemi (2017) Designing higher education module to enhance the incorporation of ecological thinking in the teaching of interor design, PhD, University of Dundee
Leigh-Anne Hepburn (2018) Articulating produced design space for collaboration, PhD, Robert Gordon University
Giulia Carbonari (2018) Sustainable Facilities Management with the support of Building Information Modelling (BIM) , PhD, University of Greenwich.
Tung Nyuyen (2019) Shape grammar based adaptive building envelopes: Towards a Novel Climate Responsive Facade Systems for Sustainable Architectural Design in Vietnam, PhD, University of Derby
Scott McGibbon (2020) A Common Structured Integrated Collaborative Digitised (CrOsS) Framework for the Historic Building Repair and Maintenance (R&M) Sector, PhD, Heriot-Watt.
Mansur Hamma-Adama (2020) Framework for Macro Building Information Modelling (BIM) Adoption in Nigeria, PhD, Robert Gordon University
Anitha Devi Karthik (2020) Enhancing Storm Surge Resilience for Coastal Habitat: A Framework to Support Sustainable Development, PhD, Napier University.
Federica Gaglione (2020) Elderly and urban services: A GIS support tool to measure pedestrian accessibility, PhD, University of Naples Federico II.
Malachy Matthews (2021) A hermeneutic phenomenological study into the impact of BIM on the social dynamics of the AEC professional in the workplace, PhD, Technical University of Dublin.
James Gyasi-Addo (2021) Evaluation of the effect of urbanisation on urban thermal behaviour using Urban Heat Island indicators – the case of the CBD of Accra, PhD, Robert Gordon University.
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