Podcast: What is an Architecture Degree Apprenticeship? Is it right for me?

  • Goodricke, D. (Participant)
  • Luke Murray (Participant)
  • Jade Atkins (Participant)

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Episode 14 of Archipod, a podcast resource run by Jade Atkins, a recent architecture graduate of Northumbria University.

Here, Luke Murray and I - authors of the Architecture Apprenticeship Handbook - discuss what architecture apprenticeships are, what is involved in applying and preparing for one, and how to make the most of an apprenticeship. We also discuss how it might support future career ambitions.


Link to Architecture Apprenticeship Handbook, available now to pre-order: https://www.ribabooks.com/Architecture-Apprenticeship-Handbook_9781915722102
PeriodFeb 2024
Degree of RecognitionLocal