Recipient of 2022 ACR-AMA Grant on Transformative Consumer Research

  • Bessant, C. (Participant)
  • Laurel Cook (Participant)
  • L Lin Ong (Participant)
  • Alexa Fox (Participant)
  • Pingping Gan (Participant)
  • Mariea Hoy (Participant)
  • Emma Nottingham (Participant)
  • Beatriz Pereira (Participant)
  • Stacey Steinberg (Participant)

Activity: Other


Jointly Awarded an ACR-AMA Grant for Transformative Consumer Research
to explore 'The Effects of Dark Design on Children’s Digital Well‐Being and Its Implications for Sharenting'. Co-recipients: Laurel Cook, Lin Ong, Alexa Fox, Pingping Gan, Mariea Grubbs Hoy, Emma Nottingham, Beatriz
Pereira and Stacey Barell Steinberg
Period29 Aug 2022