Corporate and Executive Development

Organisational unit: Sub Department

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The Corporate and Executive Development Department has long established and close working relationships with a range of regional, national and international client organisations including BAE Systems, Procter and Gamble, NHS, Capita and Zurich Finance. These partnerships include collaborating on research-informed and bespoke accredited awards, Continual Professional Development (CPD) and consultancy activity.   

We have particular specialisms in the areas of executive development, leadership and management development, strategic management, design and innovation, public sector management and governance, leading change, cultural management and regeneration, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Staff within the Department (many of whom hold professional body accreditations) contribute to the regional government agenda through their research in developments in public management, leadership and ’localism’ in the public sector; public participation and policy and sustainable regional development. The focus of our research is practical and applied, and aims to add value to our business partners. Our client-centred approach enables us to solve real business problems with the aim to improve organisational effectiveness. 

Other work considers innovative local government approaches to generating income in a challenging economic environment. 

Research underpinning a number of our Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)s focuses on start-up development, international business expansion, marketing, branding and new product/service introduction strategies in relation to both SMEs as well as multinationals.