Co-life: Co-living for the elderly. International Competition Winner



Architectural Design Competition.
Communal living has existed for centuries. Developed out of a need for security, protection and as a solution for sustainable living, co living spaces have always challenged societal norms; creating more diverse communities, breaking away from traditional patterns of society while promoting a shared economy, mostly seen as the go-to choice for digital nomads and millennials on the go.

Can such a concept be adapted to the older population as well?
Can senior Co - living spaces offer housing solutions for people over the age of 55, recognizing and catering to self-care and appropriate housing needs for the elderly, working toward a mutually supportive community in which individuals can live a life of complete dignity, without the apprehension of social segregation and

Design a pattern for a communal living space where age is just a mindset and the elderly can live with dignity and independence.

Empathy: A thorough understanding of the user group, focusing on needs and behaviours.
Basic Needs: Mobility, natural light and ventilation.
A Sense of Community: Contributes positively to the psychological well-being of the older population.
Safety and Security: Is also crucial for both physical and psychological well-being.

The following objectives can be a point of beginning to conceive this design. Participants can assume their own contexts and users before initiating their design process.

A programmatic outline intended to house 4000 elderly is recommended for this challenge. However the submission asks for design to be considered in 4 phases of a 1000 each. Participants are recommended to craft a schematic programme based on these given segments or they can propose something new altogether.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsUNI- UNYT: