Commendation in Cambridge Urban Room Competition



Commendation in an architecture competition set up by University of Cambridge and the Cambridge Association of Architects. The ‘Cambridge Room’ competition looked for conceptual proposals for a public space within the city where discussions and exhibitions around urbanism and the built environment can take place. A location for the new facility has yet to be confirmed.

Participants were invited to ‘unleash [their] creativity’ and submissions could be a ‘specific or an abstract space, a single permanent location or many temporary pop ups.’ A logo which could be used ‘on the shopfront of the physical space’ is also required.

‘The Cambridge Association of Architects in partnership with the University of Cambridge, Cambridge City Council and South Cambridge District Council are setting up an Urban Room for Cambridge.

An Urban Room is a space where people can come together to help create a future for their local area. The idea came from the 2013 Farrell Review and during the past ten years it developed in different ways across the UK and translated in each city according to their own specific character.’

The competition looked for proposals for a new urban room in Cambridge. The contest aims to identify a range of ideas for what the Cambridge Room’s could contain and host and will be used to help determine the right size and location for the new facility.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsUniversity of Cambridge