Nominated for Student Led teaching award

Prize: Other distinction


Why do you want to nominate this person?

He has been a phenomenal personal tutor over the last three years. He has had regular contact with the PT group and has always provided support and kindness. At times when the group have felt unmotivated, he has given words of encouragement to keep us going.
This person is always there for each and every member of the PT. Nothing is too much of an ask from he and his support and advice is invaluable. Our university experience wouldn’t be the same without such as a motivating, supportive and encouraging PT.
He has always stood out as a professional but hard working, helpful and friendly lecturer/director of placements who goes to great lengths to help students where possible.
He has been a brilliant PT over the past 3 years. He is always available for help and support for the whole PT group. He is genuinely interested in his students and has a passion for his subject.
He is an amazing personal tutor, a massive support not only to me but our entire PT group. We have nothing but good things to say about him. He was and is a massive support during my mental health issues and without his help and encouragement I may not of continued.

Tell us something specific they've done that has made a difference to you.

Recently he has been very supportive to me. I have had a lot of stresses at home and then with a demanding course and placement on top I have found things really difficult. He has listed and directed me to services to help deal with my issues. He has made time to have regular meetings to check my wellbeing. He is a great asset to the University and I am very fortunate that he has been my PT.
He makes plenty of time to spend time 1 to 1 with a student when they are struggling. Recently after becoming stressed due to uni work, placement and jobs, I emailed him to ask if I could meet to ask him a few questions. He spent 45 minutes of his own time discussing different options and ways around things and how to manage time. This was the support and advice I needed and helped me massively.
He was my year 2 academic assessor; any issues or problems he sorted out immediately, and really aims to genuinely make a difference to student experience. He has a demanding role however, always followed through on his word and made my life slightly easier in year 2. The mans a legend and has integrity.
If it wasn't for him, I could of potentially failed/dropped out my 3rd year of nursing.