Nominated for Student Led Teaching Awards

Prize: Other distinction


Why do you want to thank this person and what specifically have they done that has impacted on you?

James Wade approach to teaching is engaging and really incorporates student’s thoughts, opinions and input. James always finds time within the sessions to ask how we are all doing and if there are any issues we want to discuss. He stays on after the session finishes if we need to discuss anything further. James Wade is encouraging and supportive and also shares many of his own experiences which result in him being relatable and easy to talk to about the positives and negatives of being a student nurse.

James has always been very responsive, very approachable, James has always been just at the end of a phone, he has helped me calm my anxiety over my first essay and exam, after concerns I had about my dyslexia, he pointed me in the right direction to get them help and support I need. When I had the wrong documents for placement James went out of his way to hand deliver me the correct document and waited an hour for me in the car park and still took their time to have a chat with me to see how I was getting on and if there was anything he could do not just for me but our whole PT group. Even though I've only met James twice now I still find him a very genuine down to earth person who actually wants to help!

How do they stand out from other staff at Northumbria?

He really cares about the wellbeing and success of all the students he teaches not just his own PT groups and always goes and above and beyond to make sure we all get the best learning experience as well as any support he can offer not only for the module he is teaching but any of the wider issues we have especially since the pandemic and all the extra stress and issues that has caused the students he teaches.

James has been the only member of staff to take their time to ask questions and give non bias answers.

How do the SLTAs work and what happens next?

We aim to host an alternative celebratory event in late September/early October to announce these winners. Every staff member that receives a nomination will also receive a certificate and these will be distributed after the awards event.

Congratulations again and please direct all questions to [email protected]

Best wishes

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