Nominated Student Led Teaching Award

Prize: Other distinction


Why do you want to thank this person and what specifically have they done that has impacted on you?

He has went above and beyond for out whole GT after previously having two guidance tutors he took us under his wing and I’d have to say ‘we have flourished since’. That aside personally he has been extremely supportive of my personal troubles outside of university and has given me exceptional support to complete my final year with minimal stress. Thank You

He took our class throughout the past 3 years and had always supported us and helped us when needed. However, in our final year our previous GT left and our replacement went on the sick. As you can imagine receiving an email from a GT saying they’re leaving during a seminar with him wasn’t the best. He reassures us all when our anxieties were high that he would find us some support until our ‘stand in’ who was on the sick returned. He emailed us all, found out as much information for us and actually became our GT for our final year! He has reassured us, told us what we needed to hear and find out regarding interviews, has gone above and beyond his teaching role and has actually been a huge support through not only my final year but the whole GT! Without his continuous support I don’t think any of us could have continued through third year!

Stepping in to support pt21 through their final few months on the programme.

He took our PT group on when we had been left in third year with no one, he has been amazing in answering all of our questions and making sure we get the most out of our last year at uni, he makes time for every one of us if we need it and offers advice

and guidance to us all.

He agreed to have our PT group at short notice on our last year of uni. From that moment he made it his priority to make sure we all knew the plan of action and responded to any concerns straight away.

Stepped in to become our tutor after previous tutor suddenly left, always provides support (face to face, over the phone or email) and advice.

Taking on my tutor group at a time where we were left to fend for ourselves, going above and beyond in order to meet any need that we have. Gave us the support we had lacked in the past, very selflessly.

He has supported us since he took over our group. He is very patient and reassuring in the midst of the difficulties we are experiencing now with covid19.

As a PT group our first 2 years was not very plain sailing, we didn't feel like we had a lot of support. As we started 3rd year we were left without a personal tutor and felt a little let down and quite anxious as this was an important year for us. He had taught us throughout the 3 years and was always there if we needed to ask any questions. As a lot of us asked him questions and he understood how anxious we all were he decided to take us as his personal tutor group as well as looking after his own. This was a very kind and thoughtful thing to do, as he is very busy in his role as senior lecturer at the university. And at this time with all the questions fired at him regarding covid-19 he has constantly reassured us and been as supportive as ever.

I want to thank this person for all their support and guidance during my final year as a student. They have kept me motivated when I felt my most exhausted! He is so inspirational!

From when he took over as our pt in our third year he has been nothing but supportive. He communicates thoroughly at all times. He is always on hand for any advice or support that we may need in regard to clinical placement and academic studies. If we need anything we know we can go him and he will help the best he can or point us in the right direction. I feel he has helped hugely in regards to assignments and has helped improve my learning and knowledge overall. He has made the experience so far very enjoyable. He truly deserve to be recognised for all the hard work he puts in.

He took on our personal tutor group in 3rd year after being left with no PT during the most important and stressful time of our studies. We found out in a seminar being held by him that we no longer had a personal tutor and he took it upon himself to take our group. Ever since he has showed nothing but support to every single member of our group. Ensuring we are safe and happy in practise, that we attend uni and that we understand our assignments. He answers emails and phone calls promptly and I don’t think our group would have got through 3rd year without him.

He is an amazing tutor and ensures that all of his students are really well looked after!!! He goes above and beyond to get answers to questions and attempts to solve all problems! He is also a very good lecturer and thorough with work.

He became our personal tutor in our final year and to say he has been amazing is an understatement. He has without a doubt made a massive impact to our learning and has been there to help with any problems as and when needed without hesitation. He has been a saviour for us all and everyone in pt 21 agrees with this.

He took over as our group’s Personal Tutor at the start of year 3 and has done everything in his power to be supportive, kind and caring to us as a group through a very trying time in our training. He has gone above and beyond anything I have experienced before at university and is always there to lend a hand if we need help, or have any questions.

stepping up and supported my PT group in our final year at University when we didn’t have a personal tutor.

I want to thank him for taking over out PT group at the start of our third year. Since doing so at such a worrying time for us all he has gone above and beyond to help everyone in our group to enable us to be stress free and have answers for all our never ending questions if he doesn’t know the answer he always makes sure he find someone who does! He treats us all with mutual respect and puts our best interest to heart I want to say Thankyou for PT 21 for helping us through such a stressful time in nursing .

He took on PT21 in a time of need when we were struggling without a named PT and has brought the group moral back up and encourages each member of the group and has been very supportive and approachable.

Even before he became our PT be has gone above and beyond to make us feel supported when we had none at all. He is pragmatic, thoughtful, professional and most importantly he genuinely cares about you, your wellbeing and your university experience. As cohort 17 adult nursing students we have had a rough ride since the start of covid-19 but he has gone out of his way to communicate with us and ease our anxieties as much as possible (even on a Sunday evening) when he should be with his family. He puts his students well being before his own and is a true inspiration and a credit to not only teaching but the nursing profession and I would be proud to work alongside him on the front line.

He has went above and beyond when going through difficultly on a practice placement. He always does his best to make sure the whole PT are happy and tries his best to reduce out anxiety through COVID 19. He took us on as a PT in September and he has been amazing

He took over our tutor group after us having 2 previous and has been the most amazing tutor. He has updated us and tried to help us to the best of abilities and goes out of his way to ensure each and every one of us is doing well.

How do they stand out from other staff at Northumbria?

He has shown to go that extra mile for students and is friendly and approachable.

He has gone above and beyond his teaching and has really excelled within his role as a Gt! Mock interviews, help with general problems, placement support and numerous breakdowns later he has never stopped supporting myself and the GT whilst also helping us enjoy of final year!

Always goes above and beyond to help accommodate individual needs.

He actually listens and takes what we say on board and feeds them back to others members of staff, he goes out of his way to facilitate classes for us and make up sessions, he actually cares and pushes us to be the best we can be.

Continually supporting students, especially our PT group, with a very high level enthusiasm. Always motivating us to be the best we can be. Always tries to find answers for our worries ASAP even if it means trying to get in contact with someone else.

Goes out of way to help with any issues and nothing is too much to ask, always responds quickly.

Goes above and beyond to answer questions and really listens to our thoughts and opinions. understands that we may face difficulties, but guides is step by step through them to achieve the best possible outcome.

Having had 2 previous tutors before him, he has totally stood out to us for his support and commitment to us, our studies, nursing and the university as a whole. He wants the best for the nurses of the future. His support during the current pandemic has been amazing.

He listens to us. He make sure he response to urgent emails. He truly care for us.

He has gone above and beyond.

He goes above and beyond to get to the bottom of problems and give us all the relevant information to be the best student nurses.

To take over a new pt at such a late stage may have been difficult but he did it anyway. He got to know us all and help us learn and develop more for our career in nursing. He keeps in regularly contact without pt as a group and we couldn't be more thankful for the all his help and hard work.

He is a very approachable member of staff and always has extra time for his students

He took us on as a class when he didn't need to he opted to do it himself as he noticed we were really struggling without a personal tutor.

He always goes above and beyond to help out his tutor group and we are grateful for his support.

I believe he stands out as he goes the extra mile to make his students feel calm and supported.

He treats us work kindness and is always available to help! He offered reassurance and advice when needed! He has made such a different to our group morale in such a short time of being out PT

He really goes that extra mile for each of his students, he has a friendly approachable manner and provides support when needed.

He is the best! Has so much time for anyone!

He has been nothing but amazing in taking over to be our tutor and nothing is ever too big of an ask

How do the SLTAs work and what happens next?

Each year students recognise the best of Northumbria Staff and make an online nomination. We have made a few changes this year and staff are now sent details of their nomination before any winners are selected. This is your email and if you receive another nomination before these close (on the 29th May) you will receive a further email. From all of the nominations received a student panel meet and decide on winners in various categories. We aim to host an alternative celebratory event to announce these winners. Every staff member that receives a nomination will also receive a certificate and these will be distributed later in the academic year.

Congratulations again and please direct all questions to [email protected]

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