Political Studies Association Vicky Randall Open Teaching Prize



Citation from the prize judges on the nomination:

‘Rachael Chapman’s dedication to providing superb active learning experiences for her students, her generous support for colleagues, her commitment to developing lasting partnerships with the broader community, and her overall contribution to teaching and learning within the discipline, mean that she is the clear winner of this year’s Vicky Randall Prize.
Dr Chapman’s achievements are best showcased by her development and implementation of an innovative learning programme that involves deep engagement with voluntary services in the North East of England. This provides an exemplar of active learning, whereby students design a project with a local social enterprise - Urban Green Newcastle. This process involves students making real-life budgeting decisions and wonderfully demonstrates deliberative democracy in action. This approach has both enhanced and transformed student outcomes and provided a positive contribution to the local community. Moreover, having recently won funding, this module presents students even more opportunity to effect real-world change. In addition, Dr Chapman has worked tirelessly – to prize and resource-winning effect – to disseminate her experiences to both academia and community groups. She is an inspiration to all of us who teach Politics.’

Awarded at event

Event titlepolitical studies association annual conference 2023
Location, LiverpoolShow on map
Period4 Apr 2023