Red Dot - design award for Industrial Design

  • Whitehead, Callum (Recipient), O'Leary, David (Recipient), Hewitt, Ian (Recipient), Lievesley, Matthew (Recipient), McPherson, Neil (Recipient), Annal, Craig (Recipient), Coates, Nigel (Recipient) & McLeay, Fraser (Recipient)



Red dot design award - enabling industrial design in the organisation as a profile building discipline - product range - Industrial Air Dryers.
The awards are published by the Red Dot organisation and the winning product will go on display from July 9th 2018 at the Museum of Design in Essen for 1-year. The Museum houses the world's largest exhibition of contemporary design with around 2000 exhibits.
Degree of recognitionInternational
Granting OrganisationsRed Dot Design Awards