A Catholic Architect Abroad: the Architectural Excursions of A.M. Dunn

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A leading architect of the Catholic Revival, Archibald Matthias Dunn (1832-1917) was principally responsible for rebuilding the infrastructure of Catholic worship and education in North-East England in the decades following emancipation. Throughout his career, Dunn’s work was informed by first-hand study of architecture in Britain and abroad. This article examines Dunn’s architectural excursions, aiming to place them within the wider context of travel and transculturation in Victorian visual culture. Reconstructing his journeys from surviving documentary sources, it seeks to illuminate the processes by which foreign forms came to influence architectural taste during the ‘High Victorian’ phase of the Gothic Revival. Analysing Dunn’s major publication, Notes and Sketches of an Architect (1886), it uses contemporaneous reviews in the building press to determine how this illustrated record of three decades of international travel was received by the architectural establishment.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages17
Specialist publicationNorthern Catholic History
PublisherThe Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2021

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