Aerodynamic Optimisations of Vortex Generators on a Wind Turbine Aerofoil using an Adjoint Solver

Xiang Shen, Laurent Dala, Bofeng Xu, Liming Yang, Chengyong Zhu, Alvaro Conchello

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference contributionpeer-review


The adjoint solver (AS) is a relatively new tool with a lot of potential which can optimise a plethora of flow observables in a faster and more automatic manner than other methods, allowing for geometrical and other constraints, which is practically useful for manufacturing and design. To demonstrate this method, a validation case (2D Cylinder) will be simulated and optimised for lower drag, revealing the working patterns and the effect of the different parameters. The AS based optimisations achieve shape convergence after a few steps of iterations with an optimised geometry. This method is subsequently applied first on the aerofoil S809 and compared to benchmark studies. As this aerofoil is often used in a blade section equipped with vortex generators (VGs), CFD simulations will be carried out to study the geometry with VGs, and then a second run of optimisations will be carried out on the VGs aiming for a better lift to drag ratio at operating conditions. It is expected that the optimised shapes will provide a noticeable improvement on the existing design, aiming for higher energy production efficiency and provide a cutting-edge reference for retrofitting in wind industry.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationIEEE 7th International Conference on Environment Friendly Energies and Applications
ISBN (Electronic)9798350333213
ISBN (Print)9798350333220
Publication statusPublished - 14 Dec 2022

Publication series

ISSN (Print)2641-5925
ISSN (Electronic)2688-2558

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