Aerospace Medicine Systematic Review Group Quantitative Methods Guide For Space Medicine Focussed Systematic Reviews

Andrew Winnard, Jonathan Laws

Research output: Other contribution


This process is intended to guide potential reviewers through the process of working with the AMSRG to conduct a quantitative review. You are advised to use this as a basic overview of the key steps and to supplement (not replace) gold standard quantitative systematic review methods provided PRISMA and Cochrane. It should be noted that there are times at present when gold standard methods have been adapted for space medicine reviews and these are highlighted in this guide. Overall, this guide will help you navigate a space medicine quantitative review, while conforming as best as possible to gold standards, but without methods becoming prohibitive or unrealistic to apply to the space medicine area. The aim is to help you understand the systematic review process, know tools that can make the process easier, understand the various types of analysis and guide when to use Cochrane or adapted methods.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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