Agricultural shows, connectivity and families of choice

Caroline Westwood, Carolyn Gibbeson

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Agricultural shows are long-established key events and the highlight of the farming calendar. They are a space to display livestock, and showcase mechanical, technological and skills innovations, with many visitors attending these events on an annual basis. They are characterised as places of ritual, engrained within rural society. As with all gatherings of people, agricultural shows allow for new ties to be formed and existing relationships strengthened. These events remain a significant platform, a place in society, a ‘community hub’ for farming families to connect with like-minded people. Despite their multifaceted significance, agricultural events remain relatively understudied in the literature. This chapter explores the ‘familial’ relationships which exist within the context of agricultural events, and how these events act as a conduit for (farming) families to connect and develop a sense of belonging and affinity within an ‘extended’ family network and to, therefore, develop the concept of ‘families of choice’.
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Title of host publicationFamily Events
Subtitle of host publicationPractices, Displays and Intimacies
EditorsThomas Fletcher
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PublisherTaylor & Francis
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Publication statusPublished - 19 May 2022
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