Airborne investigation of quasi-specular Ku-band radar scattering for satellite altimetry over snow-covered Arctic sea ice

Claude de Rijke-Thoams, Jack Landy, Robbie Mallett, Rosemary Willatt, Michel Tsamados, Joshua King

Research output: Working paperPreprint


Operation Icebridge (OIB) 2016 level 1b Airborne Ku-band Synthetic Aperture Radar waveforms, concurrent with both OIB lidar data and Environment and Climate Change Canada in situ data, over snow on arctic sea ice, near Eureka, Canada. Footprint-scale (~16 m × 4.5 m) snow depths are estimated and compared to in situ measurements. Relative return powers and energies of the air-snow and snow-ice interface are estimated, as well as footprint-scale roughness and slope. Quasi-specular scattering (higher return powers/energies) are observed for smoother, flatter footprints. In addition to this, satellite data is discussed, including Cryosat-2 SARIn.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages18
Publication statusSubmitted - 21 Sept 2023
Externally publishedYes

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