Allsebrook Brown 'moisture sock' packaging

Louise Taylor, I. Thompson

Research output: Non-textual formArtefact


The Moisture Sock, developed by Allsebrook Brown, is for the treatment of problem dry skin on feet. This patented concept is a latex sock coated on the inside with a moisturising cream. Wearing the sock causes the foot to warm up, the pores of the skin to open, allowing the feet to absorb more moisturiser. Taylor's responsibility was to design packaging for the concept geared towards the beauty/cosmetics market. Her initial work was to understand the target market and the proposed brand image, then incorporate the identity into the sock product and it’s packaging to ensure coherent communication. Because the inventor of Moisture Sock, was unfamiliar with design methods and language, Taylor used a ‘keyword card sort’ exercise she had developed, building upon human-centred design research undertaken previously with naïve design clients, to develop a corporate brand for Tagish: This uses ‘Explorer Cards’ as a pragmatic and rapid approach to elicit responses from stakeholders in intangible areas such as perception, feelings and emotions. The Cards were a powerful visual embodiment of the research stage for the design project. The process for the Tagish stakeholders allowed them to express their viewpoints openly and creatively and enjoy the interactions they generated. These were then developed into a full range of corporate communication products. Taylor also adjusted the card sort technique with Allsebrook to generate a ‘target customer persona’, giving the project team a clear picture of the anticipated end user. Taylor’s work as a new researcher in the CfDR has used design commissions as vehicles to develop tools to facilitate human-centred problem solving in interaction design contexts.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2007


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