Analog Versus Hybrid Precoding for Multiuser Massive MIMO with Quantized CSI Feedback

Yaqiong Zhao, Wei Xu*, Jindan Xu, Shi Jin, Kezhi Wang, Mohamed Slim Alouini

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

14 Citations (Scopus)


In this letter, we study the performance of a downlink multiuser massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system with sub-connected structure over limited feedback channels. Tight rate approximations are theoretically analyzed for the system with pure analog precoding and hybrid precoding. The effect of quantized analog and digital precoding is characterized in the derived expressions. Furthermore, it is revealed that the pure analog precoding outperforms the hybrid precoding using maximal-ratio transmission (MRT) or zero forcing (ZF) under certain conditions, and we theoretically characterize the conditions in closed form with respect to signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), the number of users and the number of feedback bits. Numerical results verify the derived conclusions on both Rayleigh channels and mmWave channels.

Original languageEnglish
Article number9107073
Pages (from-to)2319-2323
Number of pages5
JournalIEEE Communications Letters
Issue number10
Early online date3 Jun 2020
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2020


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