Bauhaus Open Studio Teaching Models: Workshop, Exhibition and Publication

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The Open studio workshop, exhibition and publication by the Bauhaus Foundation was used to highlight the quality of new teaching styles around the studio subjects of “Standards”. The Northumbria interpretation was exploring the standards of spatial proximity related to creative learning and the optimal distances for teaching and communicating design.

The public exhibition and publication framed the two-day Open Studio event which set out to construct new interpretations of the creative learning process by reinterpreting the conditions and spaces of the Bauhaus Building at Dessau. This helped to develop new pedagogical insights into the relationships between space, architecture, furniture, product design and the human form. Ergonomic principles of spatial layout in design for education are used to explore how degrees of “closeness” affect learning and teaching while considering the “death of geography” as a result of digitisation. Drawing on such theories, (the workshop) the exhibition and publication set out to justify the importance of spatial dimensions in developing an experiential qualitative learning space testing physical proximity against organisational proximity.
Original languageEnglish
TypeBauhaus Open Studio and Exhibition
Media of outputPublication and Exhibition
PublisherBauhaus Foundation, Dessau
Number of pages59
Place of PublicationGermany
Publication statusPublished - 2 Feb 2019

Publication series

NameOpen Studio Dessau 2018
PublisherBauhaus Foundation - Open Studio Brochure


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