Bicycle stand

Matthew Lievesley, Anthony Thompson, David Watson

Research output: Non-textual formArtefact


This patent describes a portable bicycle stand whose novelty lies in its flexible-wall construction, enabling it to accommodate a wide range of bicycle types and sizes. The design solution draws on observational research with users at a holiday park and is particularly suited to families. Thompson identified the problem, Watson focused on the form and aesthetics, Lievesley proposed using recycled materials and introduced the use of flexible walls to accommodate multiple wheel-sizes. It builds directly on Lievesley’s work on the innovative application of plastics evident in his previously patented or registered designs for street-furniture and traffic products (see previous RAE 2001 submissions: European Patent EP0863091 ‘Fire-retardant enclosure’ and UK Registered Design No. 2045078 ‘Pedal Operated Waste Bin’). The bicycle stand effectively exploits the material characteristics of compression moulded recycled plastic utilising Lievesley’s previous IP developed in UK Patent No. GB2294488, ‘Adjustable feet for a post-and-rail barrier assembly’. The flexible wall construction replaces what might otherwise have been moving parts, thereby eliminating the need for users to bend down to the stand when engaging their bicycle. The stand was launched to market in 2002 and featured in National periodicals in the Camping and Caravanning sector as well as the cycling trade press (Cycling Plus - June 2002, Which Motorcaravan - June 2002, Camping And Caravaning – May 2002, Caravan - October 2002, Caravan Mart - June 2002) as well as regional press. The product website has been cited on a number of international sites listing products for cyclists: Netherlands Korea Belgium The bicycle stand was co-developed with the manufacturing company, ALM Products. Lievesley’s contribution to the project was funded through a £99k Department of Trade and Industry funded ‘Knowledge Transfer Partnership’ programme. Lievesley was actively involved in managing all elements of the product development programme from conception to manufacture.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2 Sep 2004


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