Citizen Planners: Mapping The Future City

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This paper documents the “Mapping the Future” project, to date. “Mapping the Future” is the latest of a number of (loosely, thematically and methodologically, linked) projects undertaken over the previous 8 years by the author and his colleagues. These projects have used participatory mapping exercises, interviews and photograph-elicitation, with various groups of young people in urban settlements across the North East of England primarily in the twin cities and conurbations of NewcastleGateshead, to understand their ‘worlds’.

The built environment comes about through a multitude of decisions and actions, some of which are ostensibly in the public interest. However, the extent to which any one individual or any particular group feels able to influence those decisions depends on a wide variety of factors including their political, economic, educational and cultural capital; familiarity with the legislation, policies and language; and access to and ability to engage with officials and, increasingly, digital portals, that act as ‘gatekeepers’ to decision-making processes. Often it may be the least enfranchised and least able to exercise influence who are most affected by their environment.
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Publication statusPublished - 29 May 2018


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