Construction process categorisation towards developing an E-business maturity model

Anushi Rodrigo, Srinath Perera, Lei Zhou, Chika Udeaja

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The rapid pace of change in technology coupled with global economic and environmental changes has had considerable impact on all business sectors. Consequently, organisations are forced to drive towards efficiency savings, productivity improvements and increased collaboration to cope with current demands. This has resulted in execution of electronic ways of conducting business activities increasingly becoming a key strategic approach for many organizations. Electronic business (e-business) processes have taken businesses to new dimensions and organisations are moving away from traditional processes to modern ways of working through the use of electronic media. These new approaches create new pathways to gain competitive advantage and they guarantee valuable rewards for organizations. Even though the possibilities afforded are evident, compared to other industries the level of e-business implementation within the construction industry is not widespread and robust as anticipated. This indicates that there is a need for advancement of construction e-business practices. Hence, for construction organisations currently using e-business tools and for those who have yet to utilize and seek to adopt e-business tools, there is a need to undertake an analysis of their business processes and working methods to ensure a productive and beneficial implementation of these tools. This necessitates undertaking an analysis of current construction e-business processes to ensure productive implementation in order to develop their e-business capabilities and levels of maturity. This paper acknowledges the niche for research into e-business capability and maturity of e-business processes and presents a protocol for categorizing the construction processes for the development of a construction e-business capability maturity model. Process classification methodology comprised of two stages; initially an archival analysis to identify and categorise construction processes followed by expert interviews to review and refine the categorisation. Results of this classification aided in developing a construction e-business capability maturity model which can use to identify the status of their current e-business process implementation.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2014
EventInternational Conference on Construction in Changing World: Construction in a Changing World - Heritance Kandalama, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka
Duration: 7 May 20147 May 2014


ConferenceInternational Conference on Construction in Changing World
Country/TerritorySri Lanka
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