Contextual Marketing: Commonalities and Personalities

Paul Copley, Audrey Gilmore, Michael Enright, Jonathan Deacon, Andrew McAuley, David Carson

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This paper is part of ongoing descriptions of Contextual Marketing in SMEs. To date two previous papers have addressed a variety of key factors that contribute to Contextual Marketing. Our first paper, (Carson et al 2002), addressed the overriding theme of Contextual Marketing and considered issues such as commonalities, triggers, variances, situation specific and language/vocabulary. Our second paper, (Copley et al 2002) examined commonalities in more depth and linked this to the personality of the entrepreneur/owner/manager. This paper focuses on another of the identified key factors, that of Language/Vocabulary, the recognition that marketing practitioners have their own language/vocabulary depending upon which ‘tribe’(Enright 2001), they belong. The discussion draws on each author's personal experiential and empirical knowledge gleaned from many years of working with small firm entrepreneurs/owners/managers. Each author is acutely aware that small firm entrepreneurs/owners/managers do not always use, (if at all), the language of conventional marketing theory when performing business of a marketing nature. Often they will use language which is founded in their own local vocabulary range or which has been learned from simply doing business in their own unique industry environment. This paper seeks to demonstrate this intimate language/vocabulary. The structure of this paper is the same as the previous two. Each contributing author presents a 500/600 word synopsis from their experiential knowledge on perceptions of vocabulary. There are of course commonalities and variances, which can be gleaned from reading each contribution and from the brief summary. However in the end what is produced is a definitional scope of an implicitly known but not explicitly published outline of appropriate language/vocabulary for marketing in SMEs.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2002
EventThe American Marketing Association Symposium on the Marketing/Entrepreneurship Interface - San Diego
Duration: 1 Aug 2002 → …


ConferenceThe American Marketing Association Symposium on the Marketing/Entrepreneurship Interface
Period1/08/02 → …
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