Effective use of PowerPoint in a lecture environment

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There is now widespread use of presentation software, such as PowerPoint, in United Kingdom higher education. The extent of this presentation revolution is that PowerPoint has now almost totally replaced the overhead projector as the presentation medium of choice for lecturers and, in addition, largely supplanted whiteboard and blackboard. In addition, there is the greater potential for using presentation software as part of a distance learning material and it is easy to see why it is becoming the de facto standard for lectures. While there is a wide variety of guidance material available for somebody planning to make a presentation, there is only a limited amount of information available for the particular requirements of using presentation software in a lecture environment. Indeed, the starting point for this guide was through personal reflection on using presentation software and seeking (what turned out to be limited) further information to improve personal practice. It is also fair to say that many of the ideas in this guide are from discussion of these issues with colleagues, for whom I am grateful for their thoughts, advice and encouragement.
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Publication statusPublished - 2007

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