Effects of operating parameters on the lubricated wear behavior of a PA-6/UHMWPE blend: a statistical analysis.

C. Z. Liu, L. Q. Ren, J. Tong, Sarah Green, R. D. Arnell

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In this paper, based on an orthogonal test design and analysis method, the lubricated wear performance of a ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and polyamide (PA-6/UHMWPE) alloys were studied using a pin-on-disc method. The effects of several parameters on the wear of the PA-6/UHMWPE alloy, rubbing against a stainless steel counterface, are reported. The main purpose was to study the influence of parameters such as sliding distance, counterface surface roughness, load and sliding speed, as well as their interactions on the wear performance. Statistical analysis was carried out to develop at) equation, in which the wear volume of the polymeric specimen was expressed in terms of the investigated parameters. It was observed that the pressure and surface roughness are the two important and controlling factors; sliding distance and sliding speed have a minor effects on the wear of the specimens. Although the two-factor and three-factor interactions have little effect, the four-factor
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2002

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