Exploring the impact of brand image on customer loyalty and commitment in China

Ike Ogba, Zhenzhen Tan

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Purpose – Whereas there is a growing recognition of the relevance of brand image to the success of market offering and organisation, as indications suggests that a good brand image can enhance customer experience and satisfaction for long-term commitment. Evidences suggest limited study on the impact of brand image on key marketing and organisational components, including the impact of brand image on customer loyalty and commitment. The purpose of this study is, therefore, to examine how brand image can influence customer loyalty as well as impact on customer commitment to market offering within Chinese mobile phone market. Design/methodology/approach – A quantitative approach was employed, using 26-item, 7-point Likert scaled questionnaire administered to 250 participants with 40 percent usable response rate. Data was analysed using exploratory factor analysis, Cronbach a internal consistency, ANOVA and correlation analysis for scale suitability, usability, reliability and test of association. Findings – The outcome from the study was the reduction of 26-25 scale items and high reliability of scale items at 0.942as for further studies. Further behavioural analyses show that brand image have positive impact on customer expression of loyalty and commitment to market offering. Originality/value – The outcome from this study concludes that brand image can positively influence customers' loyalty to a market offering and possibly boost customer commitment. The study identifies the degree of the relevant of brand image and its impact on organisations and their market offerings. The study suggests that good brand image should positively impact on customers' loyalty, which at long run should also influence customer perceived quality, enables satisfaction and should also influence to a greater degree the extent to which customers are willing to express commitment to such offering for sustainable profit. The limitations of the study are also explored in terms of the generalisation of the study, with the implications of the study further identified.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)132-144
JournalJournal of Technology Management in China
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2009


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