Face To Face

Trevor Sewell

    Research output: Non-textual formComposition


    This is a collection of 10 Trevor Sewell songs recorded at perhaps one of the most iconic studios in the world. Recorded in 2014 at Capitol Records studio in Hollywood the album was a completely spontaneous performance album featuring no overdubs. The idea behind this album was to record the album in its purest form i.e one guitar one voice the raw essence of the songs. The main rule implemented was there was to be 'no overdubs'. This was an exciting experiment as it meant resisting the temptation 'to fix things' just because the technology would allow it and to get to the heart of a real performance. It was quite nerve-racking releasing an album of this kind as my previous albums have all been studio albums in the more conventional sense. Many Radio presenters were also familiar with my work so it was interesting to see how they would react to the new album. In its first week of release however it was 'pick of the month' by the IBBA in the U.K and received heavy airplay around the world. The title track 'Face To Face' became a final nominee in the best song category in the Indie Music Channel Awards in Los Angeles. Many people have since commented that this approach made them focus on the words more which is also why I printed them on the Digipack. More information can be found at http://mtmmedia.co.uk/wp/face-to-face/
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - Oct 2014


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