Find your future through an apprenticeship

Louise Taylor, Joyce Yee

Research output: Other contribution


The purpose of the Aimhigher Apprenticeships project was to investigate the barriers experienced by teenage school-leavers considering progression into higher education (HE) and to develop a range of communication resources that would encourage them to see HE as a real option. Aimhigher commissioned Ecotec, to undertake market research for the project (research funding £44k). Taylor worked with Ecotec to structure their involvement and draw out information that would enrich the new-media communications package to engage the end user. Taylor developed a series of analytical questions for research participants to consider real and perceived experiences that shaped their decision to leave full-time education for vocational training. The study resulted in the development of a communication package that highlights the relationships between education providers, local authorities and training companies, bringing clarity to their roles and structure. Yee structured the research participant engagement and assisted with design concepts, film storyboarding and video material development for inclusion in the DVD-ROM. The communications package provides a central touch-point with links to the broad pool of information available around the subject of apprenticeship training. It is suitable for learners or as a presentation tool for teachers and support workers. The DVD-ROM has been distributed to North East school career advisory services, Colleges, Policy-makers in Local Government, Education Business Partnerships and the five Learning Skills Councils in the UK. Shropshire County Council is interested in repurposing the resources to suit their own regional requirements.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherAimHigher / Tyne and Wear Learning Partnership
Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2006


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