Gender, Large-scale Resource Extraction, and Environmental Inequality in Latin America

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A growing body of research and literature explores how women are particularly affected by the social, environmental and economic impacts of large-scale natural resource extraction. Furthermore, these environmental inequalities disproportionately affect marginalized women; be it geographically, racially, and/or otherwise marginalized. This chapter provides an overview of contemporary research into gendered aspects of environmental inequalities, in the context of large-scale resource extraction, and through exploring key theoretical concepts associated with Feminist Political Ecology and Latin American feminisms. We offer a detailed case study on the gendered impacts of large-scale mining in Latin America, drawing upon a range of research projects we have been involved in, highlighting how women often face more, and more severe, impacts of large-scale natural resource extraction as compared to men, across social, economic, and environmental spheres. Finally, we offer some suggestions for areas of future research.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationHandbook of Inequality and the Environment
EditorsMichael A. Long, Michael J. Lynch, Paul B. Stretesky
PublisherEdward Elgar
Number of pages23
ISBN (Electronic)9781800881136
ISBN (Print)9781800881129
Publication statusPublished - 8 Jun 2023

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NameElgar Handbooks on Inequality
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