Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics

Ewa Dabrowska, Dagmar Divjak

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Cognitive Linguistics is an approach to language study based on the assumptions that our linguistic abilities are firmly rooted in our cognitive abilities, that meaning is essentially conceptualization, and that grammar is shaped by usage. The Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics provides state-of-the-art overviews of the numerous subfields of cognitive linguistics written by leading international experts which will be useful for established researchers and novices alike. It is an interdisciplinary project with contributions from linguists, psycholinguists, psychologists, and computer scientists which will emphasise the most recent developments in the field, in particular, the shift towards more empirically-based research. In this way, it will, we hope, help to shape the field, encouraging methodologically more rigorous research which incorporates insights from all the cognitive sciences.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherDe Gruyter
Number of pages640
ISBN (Print)9783110292022
Publication statusPublished - May 2015

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NameHandbooks of Linguistics and Communication Science (HSK)
PublisherDe Gruyter


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