#hellomynameis...: An exploratory case study of interprofessional student experiences in practice

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Background: The ‘hello my name is campaign’ identifies the importance of compassionate care and places focus on the importance of an introduction. Further research identifies that using names is key for providing individuals with a sense of belonging and can be vital in ensuring patient safety.
Objective: To investigate the student experience of having ‘hello my name is...’ printed onto student uniforms and implement this campaign in practice.
Design: A case study was used to capture the experiences of 40 multi professional health care students in practice. Participants were asked to complete a reflective diary during their first week in practice and attend a focus group with 4-8 other students.
Setting: A Higher Education Institution in the North East of England with students from adult, child and learning disability nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and midwifery programmes, in a variety of clinical placements throughout the region.
Findings: The implementation of the hello my name is campaign and logo branding on the uniforms of students reported an increase in the amount of times students were addressed by their name in practice. Participants reported that the study helped them to quickly develop a sense of belonging when on placement, aided them in delivering compassionate care and occasions when patient safety was improved were reported.
Conclusion: The use of names is a key feature in human relationships and the delivery of compassionate care, and we advocate the use of the ‘hello my name is’ campaign for all healthcare professionals.
Original languageEnglish
JournalBritish Journal of Nursing
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 4 Dec 2020


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