How to increase employees’ engagement in organisational citizenship behaviours within continuous improvement programs in manufacturing

Teresa Roca, Sue Morton, Roula Michaelides

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This paper proposes a new focus for Organisational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) research through developing the quality of relationships between supervisors and supervisees and the encouragement of discretionary effort (DE) to engage employees in continuous improvement (CI). There is a growing focus on manufacturing as having the potential to generate economic wealth alongside creating high-quality and highly skilled jobs. The contemporary transformations of manufacturing provide the context of this study, where the transforming of a traditional industry to a trending organisational entity affects multi-societal contextual factors. This study helps advance the departure of manufacturing organisations from pure “productivism” with the stern performance metrics and operational lean or agile approaches by adding contextualisation to the human centric perspectives of Organisational Citizenship Behaviour and discretionary effort.

Previous work has highlighted that the relationship between supervisor and supervisee is key in developing OCB within the CI context. This research reports on an alternative operationalisation of OCB based on these core ideas, whilst significantly extending empirical base through testing and validating a proposed model. Principal Component Factor Analysis and Varimax Rotation with Kaiser Normalisation, multiple regression and correlations were used to analyse data collected from the manufacturing industry in Thailand. Data provided support for theorising that most of the model propositions, positively impact to promote OCBs, the engagement in CI programs (CIPs) and the encouragement of DE. These results have important implications for organisational interventions on how to foster OCB in order to enable successful engagement in CIPs. Importantly, highlighting a promising new focus for the OCB literature.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 8 Sept 2015
EventBAM 2015 - Portsmouth
Duration: 1 Sept 2015 → …


ConferenceBAM 2015
Period1/09/15 → …
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