How to succeed in the Music Industry

Trevor Sewell

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    The book itself was created by Pds Entertainment LLC (Ascap) and I wrote a section for it that spanned 3 pages - the book abstract is as follows: THIS IS A MUSICIAN'S GUIDE WITH PLENTY OF BUSINESS SENSE Music is your passion and you'd make it your business but you've discovered that sometimes the combination makes it a real "offbeat." Don't knock it yet! Hottest New Artist the book gives you information you need with real answers to many of the questions you've been seeking. In this Hottest New Artist book, you get: • An overview of how the music industry works, with a clear-cut look at the skills you need to succeed in it. • Essential information on protecting your intellectual property and being paid what you're owed. • You'll gain Insight to find that agent, negotiate contracts, and selling your music and songs. • Sound advice for working with others collaborating on songs, or communicating with family about your music. • Steps and procedure used in the industry when submitting material for considerations from radio, label or other industry professionals. • True stories from artists breaking down barriers and getting through the noise and ahead in music business.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationHottest New Artist
    EditorsPaul Spencer, Carlene Gaines, Chris Ranshaan
    Place of PublicationCanada
    Number of pages216
    ISBN (Print)978-1460223499
    Publication statusPublished - 2014


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