Hybrid-OD matrix based simulation approach to identify e-charging hotspots in transport network

Eiman El-Banhawy, Ruth Dalton, Venky N. Shankar, Karim A. Abdel Warith

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The use of bottom up approach simulation in transportation provides a rich framework for behaviours to emerge through interactions. The agent based modeling is a modeling technique that takes into account the attributes, constraints and variables imposed by the agent and the environment. Focusing on a alternative means of transport and in particular electric vehicles, this paper is taking place. The study proposes an integrated approach to identify electric charging hotspots in urban areas. It investigates coupling travel demand modeling to multi-model simulation technique. This is conducted through a case study; trip distribution and traffic data is provided for the given urban area. Socioeconomic and technical fundamentals of the EV system are addressed to shed light on the possibility of having integrated interactive design configurations of EV system in metropolitan areas. The outcome of the study can potentially be used in planning for future e-mobility.


ConferenceITEC 2014 - IEEE Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo: Components, Systems, and Power Electronics - From Technology to Business and Public Policy
Period21/07/14 → …


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