Integration of VR with BIM to facilitate real-time creation of bill of quantities during the design phase: a proof of concept study

Jordan Davidson, John Fowler, Charalampos Pantazis, Massimo Sannino, Jordan Walker, Moslem Sheikhkhoshkar, Farzad Pour Rahimian Leilabadi

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As time goes on and building practices change, procedures that at one point seemed indispensable can fall by the wayside. One such example is the bill of quantities (B/Q). Research into the extant literature attributes declining use of B/Qs to a multitude of reasons, such as its complexity and potentially drawn-out time to produce, non-traditional procurement systems growing in popularity and the challenge of using its information in a construction schedule. With these issues in mind, a combined process of Building Information Modelling (BIM), Virtual Reality (VR) and including the client in the design process has been proposed as a potential solution. Following a literature review and precedent study, an experiment was carried out using this new process to simulate a client’s design decisions on window and interior furnishings, specifically. Their choices made using VR automatically updated a B/Q Revit Schedule and allowed the client to have a firm grasp on the project costs. Not only did this process give the client more confidence in a pleasing final outcome, but the technology ensured an up-to-date, accurate and easily understood B/Q. Here lies great potential savings in cost, time and gives the B/Q a newfound importance in future construction processes. The research case presented in this paper was a stepping stone in exploring new opportunities offered by VR and BIM and how they could improve the reliability and accuracy of traditional procurement within construction, specifically within the B/Q document.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)396-403
Number of pages8
JournalFrontiers of Engineering Management
Issue number3
Early online date15 Jun 2019
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2020


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