Introduction: Defining Sustainability

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Sustainability: Key Issues is a comprehensive introductory textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate students doing courses in sustainability. Highly original, it covers the very broad spectrum of ideas covered under sustainability, from participation, resilience, growth, ecological modernism through to culture, sustainable communities and sustainable consumption. Each chapter covers one key idea, and has been written by an expert in that field. This book makes key issues approachable, with each chapter containing: a definition of the key concept a history of how and why the issue has emerged a discussion of the advantages, drawbacks, main contributions and controversies associated with this issue case studies to demonstrate how it works in reality critical discussion of mainstream models of sustainability and the reason why they don't work introduction of beyond-the-convention alternatives, including circular economy and cradle to cradle approaches This is the ideal book for students and anyone interested in understanding the key issues within sustainability and how they interact.
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