Key Skills Developing Transferable Skills Across the Curriculum

Julia Lawrence*

*Corresponding author for this work

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Education has for many years been seen as an opportunity to provide individuals with the skills necessary to become effective members of the workforce. Such beliefs reflected the industrial development of British society, with the introduction of apprenticeships and vocational courses (Kelly, 2001). Over recent years there has been an increased emphasis on the development of those key skills felt to be most appropriate within the workforce, resulting in their integration into the educational programmes currently in existence, such that nationally recognised qualifications are now awarded for them. This chapter aims to provide you with an overview of the key skills currently identified within education. Whilst most examples are provided using the English National Curriculum, it is anticipated that teachers from other countries will be able to apply the practical examples within their own education curriculum. Consideration will also be given to the development of other related skills through the chapter.

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Title of host publicationStarting to Teach in the Secondary School
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