Limestone Microphone Apparatus

Charles Danby, Rob Smith

Research output: Other contributionpeer-review


Limelight (2016-20) aims to establish terms through which limestone as a geological material with industrial application, presents and holds agency. It aims to determine how exposures of limestone’s material agency are intrinsic to understanding the representations and experiences of its landscapes. Limestone Microphone Apparatus was devised, developed and tested as a machine apparatus for dialogue. Quicklime absorbs the exhaled carbon dioxide of the speaker and recarbonises into limestone. This material transformation is not visible but can be evidenced through a weight gain in the material through the process. The apparatus was deployed in Limelight (Postcards From The Anthropocene, Unsettling
The Geopolitics
of Representation) [linked output] at Edinburgh University, and in Limelight (Granular, The Material Properties of Noise) [linked output] at Greenwich University.
Original languageEnglish
TypeLimestone Microphone Apparatus
Media of outputArtefact
Publication statusPublished - 24 Jun 2017


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