Sarah McDonnell, Colin Wilson, Stephen Lee

Research output: Non-textual formArtefact


Magnesium is a site specific soundscape with oral history that reflects the derelict industrial landscape of Britmag, Steetley Magnasite, in Hartlepool. The work was is a series of images with added composed soundscape that capture the decay of a once important regional industry. The oral history records the worker’s reflections on the ‘living’ industry that was and its importance to the community as a record of this areas industrial legacy. The people from in heavy industry towns across the country struggle to find new ways of current being in times of huge upheaval when key industries have moved off shore. Their working practices and activities have no current status. This project aims to reconnect the people with their heritage by unveiling and presenting the beauty of the industrial aesthetics from their past and giving value to their narratives through oral history. The digital exhibition encourages other audiences to engage and understand the wider aspects of industrial heritage in relation to their own being. History has been written by those whose who have a special interest in its portrayal. Using oral history as a reflection point to initiate a digital output in both imagery and sound scape challenges these perceptions as to who history and recording of the past is for. The industrial heritage throughout the surrounding area of Middlesbrough has a rich past that is under represented. There are new historians and artists who are challenging the notions of what industry, craft and culture mean across the UK .
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 31 Mar 2010
EventMagnesium - Digital Exhibition
Duration: 31 Mar 2010 → …


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