Method For Processing Of Textile Articles: RU 2240391 C2

Appel Adrianus Kornelis Marija (Inventor), Karina Rikkardo Filippo (Inventor), Del Ruass Mishel Zhil Ber Zhoz (Inventor), Feringa Bernar Ljuka (Inventor), Zhirer Zhan-zhak (Inventor), Ronal D Khage (Inventor), Kalmejer Robertus Ehverardus (Inventor), Martens Konstantinus Fransisku (Inventor), Pelen Jakobus Karolina Jokhann (Inventor), Kve Lorens (Inventor), Svartkhoff Ton (Inventor), David Tetard (Inventor), Torntvejt Dehvid (Inventor), Tivari Laksmikant (Inventor), Tejssen Rob (Inventor), Tvisker Robin Stefan (Inventor), Verman Simon Marinus (Inventor), Van Der Vut Gerrit (Inventor), Smit Richard Dzhordzh (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


FIELD: textile industry, in particular, processing of textile articles by washing or whitening. ^ SUBSTANCE: method involves processing of textile article by providing contacting thereof with organic substance forming complex with transition metal, said complex catalyzing textile article whitening process by atmospheric oxygen after processing thereof with given complex and drying. Organic substance may be used in dry state or in the form of solution, such as aqueous liquid for spraying processing of textile fabrics, or washing solution or aerosol liquid used for spraying. Organic substance may contact with dry textile article, with catalysis of whitening of dry textile article with atmospheric oxygen occurring immediately on textile article. ^ EFFECT: simplified method and increased cleaning effect. ^ 54 cl, 2 tbl, 18 ex
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberRU 2240391 C2
Priority date19/03/99
Filing date1/09/99
Publication statusPublished - 20 Nov 2004


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