Modelling small-scale CHP plant under closed loop control

Chris Underwood

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What is Matlab/Simulink ? Matlab-Simulink is a general tool for mathematical programming and dynamic simulation. This tool has originally been developed for control and automation applications, but it is at the same time a powerful tool for many problems in the field of engineering science. The tool also allows "hardware in the loop" simulations allowing to test real components by simulation. Using Matlab Simulink for HVAC applications ? The range of possible applications of the tool is very large - many fields of dynamic simulation and mathematical programming (cars, engines etc.). In the field of building and HVAC, the number of users of Matlab/Simulink has also been increasing in the last years. Why this workshop ? To date, there is very little exchange about modelling or simulation techniques using Matlab/Simulink in the field of building and HVAC simulation. The questions to be solved during this workshop are: how to improve information exchange and cooperation ? where is the tool of real interest and where not ? what are potential applications of the tool ? What kind of presentations are of interest ? Modelling and structuring in the graphical environment Simulink, Simulation and emulation (IAQ, comfort, control, energy consumption, ventilation), Visualisation techniques, Coupling with other Matlab toolboxes (CFD, Optimisation, control etc.) or other programs, Software demonstrations.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2004
EventCSTB Workshop: Matlab/Simulink Building and HVAC Simulation - Paris
Duration: 1 Oct 2004 → …


ConferenceCSTB Workshop: Matlab/Simulink Building and HVAC Simulation
Period1/10/04 → …


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