Node-attribute graph layout for small-world networks

Helen Gibson, Joe Faith

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Small-world networks are a very commonly occurring type of graph in the real-world, which exhibit a clustered structure that is not well represented by current graph layout algorithms. In many cases we also have information about the nodes in such graphs, which are typically depicted on the graph as node colour, shape or size. Here we demonstrate that these attributes can instead be used to layout the graph in high-dimensional data space. Then using a dimension reduction technique, targeted projection pursuit, the graph layout can be optimised for displaying clustering. The technique out-performs force-directed layout methods in cluster separation when applied to a sample, artificially generated, small-world network.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2011
Event15th International Conference on Information Visualisation (IV) - London
Duration: 1 Jul 2011 → …


Conference15th International Conference on Information Visualisation (IV)
Period1/07/11 → …


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