Optimizing Handover of As-Built Data Using Bim for Highways

M. Sanem Bayar, Zeeshan Aziz, Algan Tezel, Y Arayici, Sara Biscaya

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaperpeer-review


An efficient maintenance of the UK's transportation network is of critical importance to the country's economy and among the top priorities of the government and public agencies (e.g. Network Rail, Highways England). The public transportation agencies have huge data sets related to asset management and maintenance. However, those data sets are usually held in disparate platforms and have been historically developed using multiple standards and formats. As a result, full value of such data is often not fully realized. Effective management of asset data and availability of reliable information as and when needed, could bring in key benefits for effective management of the transportation network. This paper aims to present the initial findings of a research effort understanding the potential of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in handover processes for a more efficient maintenance of highways assets, and discuss the way forward. The research methodology applied is systematic literature review and two recent best practice cases in the Highways Sector. The research findings suggest that efficient data management through BIM could provide a structured framework to improve asset handover and maintenance. However, it is important to capture the current handover practices between the construction and maintenance phase, and maintenance processes in the UK's highways sector, both of which seem to be absent in the literature at the moment.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 13 Sept 2016
Externally publishedYes


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