Optimizing quality of experience (QoE) levels for video streaming over wireless/cellular networks

Ergen, Mustafa (Inventor), Tuysuz, Mehmet Fatih (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Provided is a method and system for a network-assisted Quality of Experience (QoE)-based smart and proactive video streaming framework to be deployed at Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) servers. Quality of Experience (QoE) levels for a plurality of video sessions streamed from a cloud server to computing devices through a central edge server are estimated based on one or more metrics associated with the plurality of video sessions. Additionally, channel status of one or more neighboring edge servers proximate to the central edge server is determined. The QoE levels of the plurality of video sessions are then maximized based on the estimating, by employing a local optimization, a global optimization and a combination of both the local optimization and the global optimization based on the one or more metrics and the channel status determined for the one or more neighboring edge servers.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS11606409B1
Priority date19/11/21
Filing date19/11/21
Publication statusPublished - 14 Mar 2023

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