Parky Tales: Kauno Nemuno saloje prasideda tarptautinis kultūros ir ekologijos festivalis „Grynparkas“

Judy Thomas (Designer), Zoe Lambert, Russ Coleman, Rob Walton, Nicky Rushton (Performer)

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


An exhibition and performance commissioned for the Gryn Parkas Festival Event, by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Kaunas City Municipality in May 2013.

Gryn Parkas/ “Green Park” was an international festival of culture and ecology situated on the Nemunas Island in Kaunas, Lithuania. The collaborative project comprised of an international team of artists called "Embodied in Nature". This is the first example of such creative international cooperation in Lithuania.

The international festival of culture and ecology “Green Park” launched on May 10 2013. For more than a month, the premiere of the project, created in various European countries, took place on the Nemunas Island on May 10 at 7 pm and 11 pm at 2 pm and 7 p.m. On May 12, the project went to Birštonas, where it was displayed at local Cultural Center accesses.

It is the first example of international creative cooperation of this kind in Lithuania, where the works of different artists will be merged into one performance-installation that integrates the whole festival program. Artists from Germany, France, Great Britain and Lithuania have come together to create a mosaic piece full of surprises and discoveries. Alongside the world-famous German "artscenico" and Kaunas "Aura" dancers, new miniature artists - acting artists and acting students present their thumbnails. In addition to the French duo Scenocosme, who are creating unique interactive projects, cadet school students are also involved.

The exhibition was created by the Lines of Desire Collective (Judy Thomas, Zoe Lambert, Russ Coleman and Rob Walton)
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 10 May 2013
Eventekologijos festivalis „Grynparkas“: „Grynparkas“ - Kauno Nemuno saloje, Kaunas, Lithuania
Duration: 1 May 201330 May 2013


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